Savvy makes rent rewarding

We enable landlords to offer their residents incentives for signing a lease, renewing, paying rent on time, and more. Plus, tenants receive offers and deals from local and online merchants like Lemonade, Handy, Instacart, and more.

A housing model that works for everyone

Landlords increase leasing velocity and tenant retention. Renters build equity by paying rent. Neighborhood businesses attract local, sustained traffic. Online brands get exposure to movers with high spending intent. Everybody wins.

Vacancy, turnover,
and delinquency are expensive

Landlords lose $300bn a year on tenant turnover. Savvy saves you money and boosts NOI with a data-driven incentives and benefits program that increases leasing velocity, retention, and on-time rent payments.

Leasing velocity

Vacancy accounts for up to 10% of rental costs for landlords. Savvy incentives help you lease faster and smarter, saving time and money.


Average apartment turnover in the US is 54% annually. Encourage up to half of the remaining 46% to stay with the right incentives.

On-time rent payments

Delinquency costs landlords as much as 5% of annual rents. Savvy tracks and improves the financial wellness of residents and allows landlords to incentivize on-time payments, leading to lower delinquency rates and decreased operational overhead.


How it Works

  1. Sign up for a risk free trial
  2. Savvy will work with you to design and implement an incentives program for your building or portfolio
  3. Savvy will provide your residents access to offers and deals from partners including Handy, Instacart, Lemonade, and more
  4. No integrations necessary

Renter Benefits

Earn Money

Earn cash bonuses or rewards for signing leases, paying rent, or renewing a lease

Get Deals on Things You Need

Deals on moving services, house cleaning, dog walking, home furnishings, and more help you save money and live better

Improve Financial Wellness

Save money, receive budgeting tips, and build wealth over time in the Savvy App

Build Credit

Build credit by reporting on time rent payments to the credit bureaus via the Savvy App (coming soon)

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