Fast and Reliable
Tenant Screening

Savvy uses open banking to make renter applicant screening faster and more reliable for property managers and renters.

Traditional renter screening depends on credit scores, which are an unreliable indicator of future payment performance

We replace this cumbersome and antiquated process with an end-to-end screening solution by connecting to prospective renters' bank accounts to directly verify rent payment history and prevent fraud

Simple and fast
More reliable and
higher-fidelity data on renters

Avoid fraud. Make a decision in seconds.

Income and cash flows

Transactions data shows renter income and cash flows over time

Rent payment history

Access 12-24 months of renters’ transaction data, verifying on-time rent payments and amount paid

Identity verification

Retrieve names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails from registered bank account information, verifying identities and reducing fraud

Make a decision in seconds

1-page risk summary allows managers to quickly view risks and make more reliable tenancy decisions

Liquidity and savings

Account balances show renter liquidity and savings over time

How it works?

How it Works

For property managers and leasing managers


Send prospective renter a link to apply


Applicant shares info and grants access to their bank account through our secure web portal


We analyze applicant bank account data, review credit score, and order supplementary reports as necessary


We send the manager a 1-page risk summary along with supporting materials

Renter Benefits


Renters simply link online accounts rather than having to upload or print tax returns, bank statements, and pay slips


Secured online information sharing and bank account access through Plaid (Visa subsidiary)


Greater level playing field for those who have thin or no credit histories but robust income and rent payment history

All in One Place

Easily apply for other products you need, such as renters’ insurance, with just a few clicks

How it Works

No more emailing PDFs or handing over printed documents with your sensitive information.


Use the application link you received from your prospective landlord or property manager


Verify your past rent payments and ability to pay via Plaid


Pay your application fee online


We securely share your application materials with your new landlord

* If you don't have access to online banking or would prefer the traditional way, you will still have the option of uploading proof of income, tax returns, and bank statements.

How it works?
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